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Everyone Has A Struggle……

I believe sometimes, in life we feel as though there is no one going thru the same thing we have. Never feel like you are alone! On a recent vacation I was blessed to meet my table mate. Malika Wick’s. I shared with her my aspirations of starting an organization that will help increase the graduation rate in the city of Camden, NJ where less than half of the senior class graduates, and even less go onto college. I remember how I felt my senior year, after my guidance counselor told me I wouldn’t be anything more than a truck driver. If it was not for my sister, I would have never went away to Delaware State University. Malika shared with me her testimony…..


Growing up in the poverty-stricken City of Newark, NJ, I’ve witnessed issues of sex, drug and alcohol abuse of every kind; however my ambition to pursue my education and career goals were always my number one priority. Thanks to my maternal aunt – Emma N. Jackson for being my “Ram in the Bush”, I was raised with God-fearing morals and values and learned that serving others can benefit both my strengths and weaknesses. At the age of 21, the death of my aunt forced me to grow up and become the head of household, making decisions for my then 6-month old twin sons, two brothers, nephew, and niece on a daily basis.
In spite of the many experiences life had brought my way over the years, I committed myself to reforming the leverage of my family and others in a positive and valuing way. My passion to help others and gain a brighter future kept me accountable and challenged me to stay on the right path that lead me to become an excellent mother, sister, aunt, soror, friend, and leader.
Learning how to repair the instability of communication and balance daily tasks within my household and society, I found a passion to discuss my thoughts, feelings and insights through mentoring and educating younger people. Putting ALL my trust in God and using the abilities He gave me to maintain a strong mind and free of wrongful doing, I knew that someday I would beat the odds. Today, I live in New Jersey with my four beautiful children and plan to graduate this spring from Fairleigh Dickinson University with my Executive MBA. As a child, I always knew in my heart that I would one day be successful in my academic, personal, and professional life, but I also wanted to make sure others had the same opportunity. Being an inner city child was hard for me and the long journey of seeing my way out of poverty was even harder; nonetheless, I was once given an opportunity to make a positive contribution so I took hold it and promised myself to never let it go.
By the Grace of God, the early guidance of my late aunt, and the current support of my children, family, friends, new sisters/sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., and the academic staff and cohort scholars at FDU, I’ve learned to enhance my ability to impact the lives of several underprivileged youth and demonstrate both personal and professional humility; as well as, handle the different models of behavior in order to create and maintain a dynamic niche for serving others and completing goals resulting in positive outcomes. I’ve also learned to be more effective with my conversations, asking inquiring questions, making commitments to others and even integrating ideas to build mutuality and sustained relationships whether academic, personal or professional. These life lessons taught me the difference between being an “achiever” versus a “strategist.” An “achiever” is a person who has a great deal of stamina, works hard, and takes great satisfaction from being busy and productive; while a “strategist” is a person who recognizes the importance of a principle; enjoys playing a variety of roles within a team environment and weaves short-term goals with long-term development processes. While I’m definitely an “achiever” now I can honestly say “I’m ready to become a “strategist” and fulfill my passion through my not-for-profit organization.
My vision is to open a transitional home and resource center for young men and women ages 11-21 and create an environment they can call “home” and simultaneously learn the different skills needed to survive in life. My top line objectives are to assist young people with learning and development concepts and strategies to demonstrate their knowledge of different actions and their consequences on a regular basis, and to provide literacy-based programs such as math, reading, science, writing, and parental and self-awareness classes. These programs will assist them with improving their desired perceptions of life, educate them, and prepare the next generation on the importance of learning and working hard. Overall, it’s my belief that if I share my life’s testimony and educate these young people on the willingness to learn and work hard using the different concepts and leadership strategies, my passion for a strong, literate-based community will flourish into many other segments of the world and all of my hard work as a new found “strategist” will definitely pay off in the end!

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Him: Why Does MY Girl Have to Wear a scarf to bed?


“The women that I date, they don’t wear scarves to bed. … You look like Aunt Jemima in a candy store.”


I don’t think that some men understand how much pride women take in their hair. We don’t just take care of it for our well being, but to look good for our man/woman as well. Some even do it to attract other men/women. It irks me when men talk about how they don’t like when women wear scarves on their head to bed. I have one thing in response to that: ARE YOU CRAZY?! There is nothing scarier than an angry woman pissed because something has affected her way of looking good. When one thing goes wrong with the way we look, than EVERYTHING is wrong.

I did my own personal experiment by not wearing a scarf to bed… it wasn’t a good look in the morning. If you’re a black woman like me, that has hair that doesn’t curl up when it gets wet, but gets nappy instead, and can’t stay straight without some control to it, then you feel where I’m coming from. There is a HUGE process to a black woman’s hair. Let me explain it to you:

1. Shampoo hair 3-4 times.

2. Put conditioner in the hair and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. If you have a head dryer then you can sit under that to get more of a bouncy and healthy effect on your hair.

3. Wash the conditioner out.

4. Blow dry hair.

5. Press hair with a flat iron.

6. Curl hair if a specific style is wanted.

7. Spray hair with any type of sheen.

This process can take up to two hours. If we just went to sleep and woke up the next morning do you think that our hair would even look the same as it did the day before? NO! It’s not.

I’m not denying that some women can go to bed without a scarf and have their hair be fine in the morning, but not every woman has the same type of hair. Not every black woman has the same type of hair. I look at my mother and wonder why she doesn’t wear a scarf to bed, but I then realize, her hair is tamed and she sleeps on a satin/silk pillow cover. Even for her towards the end of the week her hair needs a little help.

“What bothers me is when she wears it outside the house. Besides, I’m a hair person so whatever it takes for her to keep the hair lookin’ right.” (Anonymous) Name Withheld

If you feel like the quote above, then I perfectly understand you. I don’t think that a woman should walk out the house with a scarf on. It’s not an appropriate thing. It goes back to what my mother has taught me, “You represent your family and your boyfriend/husband when you go out the house, but most importantly you represent YOU. So you never know who you will see when you go out the house. Most importantly, you will never know who will see you.” There is a time and a place for everything… the scarf is for HOME at ALL times. I also believe that this issue goes for both ways. I couldn’t stand when my boyfriends at the time would walk out the house with a “wave cap” aka scarf on as well, especially when it was time for them to meet my parents.

Even if you do not like when your girl wears a scarf to bed, it doesn’t change her as a person. She’s with you, right? When you go to sleep it’s her next to you and when you wake up its still her next to you. Also, even though she may put her scarf on does not mean she will not get down to the “business” with you.


Dear T.O.,

I’ve seen your daughter’s hair… She will be wearing a scarf as well soon.

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Bring On Womens Month!!!!

Our Singers

Ladies and Gentlemen, Womens Month is back!!! Have you heard about the famed college basketball March Madness? Well, the writiers at Dawson’s Ink have decided to put a twist on it. Check out the link for more information!

Dawson’s Ink

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Teenage Pregnancy


“I love him, and he loves me, so what he and I do is none of your business”. I remember those pressure filled days in highschool, with my boyfriend. I wanted to be grown and thought I was an adult. He wanted me to have sex, and as much as I wanted to, I didn’t. Why? I am not sure, but I think it had a lot to do with my sister (who is 8 years older than me) telling me that I should do anything I am not ready for, and if I am ready for sex, then I should be ready for babies, because that is why God put sex on Earth. I knew that between the track team and the Spanish club I didn’t have time for babies, so that was a major reason why I abstained. Recent studies show that teens in religiously conservative states have higher birth rates, than in states that are not so religiously conservative. What do you think? Read the following article and let’s see what the real deal is.
Are you wondering where New Yorkers rank? Actually number 46, followed by New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Teen Pregnancy

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A Tribute to the man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson, there will never be another. Struggles corp is proud to know that we have been on this earth long enough to experience your wild fire of light and awe. Rest now MJ You gave so much xoxoxoxo



Dirty Diana, Beat it, Human Nature, Heal The World, Man in the mirror, Black & white, We are the world, PYT, Billie Jean, Remember the time….The list go on and on forever



n Our Darkest Hour In My Deepest Despair Will You Still Care? Will You Be There?
In My Trials And My Tripulations Through Our Doubts And Frustrations
In My Violence In My Turbulence Through My Fear And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I’ll Never Let You Part
For You’re Always In My Heart.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Michael Jackson (will you be there)

We will always love a miss you MJ you’ve touch hearts of all ages and generations to come
Love always
Struggles Corp

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Pan-O-Rama is community outreach program designed to feed families in need. We have teamed up with NYC Rescue Mission yet again, to help our community. Struggles Corp. is sponsoring a Sunday Meal for the NYC Rescue Mission. The Mission houses men, and feeds families in need daily. We are asking businesses and/or individuals to sponsor a tin pan which they will fill with food. We ask that businesses sponsor a minimum of 3 pans.This event will take place on Sunday Aug 23.



For information on how you can get involved please contact:

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Black Men Doing Their Thang……

In June, STRUGGLES,corp. celebrated Men’s month. In light if this, we wanted to showcase two stand up individuals. They are Khalid Sumner and Mike Abraham.


Khalid, we thank you for nurturing your twin girls Kayla, and Aniya, and showing them the ways of life.

Mike, we wanted to thank you for enhancing your young daughter Samantha’s imagination.

Khalid and Mike, we honor you and others who fulfill their roles as Father’s this month. Keep up the great work with your beautiful families. Thank you for not becoming another statistic!!!!!!!!!! Also, many thanks for being STRUGGLES supporters on the male side of things. Enjoy the years to come when you will see the foundation you have laid in your daughters become an empire on which they build on when they become young women. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

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Simply KP….

Good Day Readers,
Have you ever wondered about our founder? Take a moment and click the link!!!! You will find out all kinds of cool info :)

Simply KP

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Film viewing of “Very young girls”


What a night !!! Thanks to all who came out and supported this event and the cause. We at Struggles corp. had a movie viewing of ” Very young Girls” on behalf of GEMS( Girls Education and Mentoring Services). This film is expose of human trafficking that follows thirteen and fourteen year old American girls as they are seduced, abused, and sold on New York’s streets by pimps, and treated as adult criminals by police. The film follows the barely-adolescent girls in real time, using vérité and intimate interviews with them as they are first lured on to the streets and the dire events which follow. The film also uses startling footage shot by the brazen pimps themselves giving a rare glimpse into how the cycle of street life begins for many women.
STRUGGLES corp. would like to thank our members Nehanda Richards for the idea and event, also thanks to K-lyric for blessing us with her spoken words. Thanks to all the Jr board members for coming out and bringing their friends. We also Thank Lox lounge for having us.
Thanks again to all, please donate and reach out. leave a comment for Struggles corp. and the cause.

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Shout out to our Struggles class of “09″

These ladies are off to College !!!!
Our Struggles Jr board members
Simone, Nieves and Lia

You ladies look amazing for the Prom
Thanks for your love and Hard work to the Organization.
Great luck to you ladies and Congrads !!!!!!!!


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